California LGMA Starts 2022 Leafy Greens Season with New Leadership

Salinas, CA:  On March 24, 2022 the California LGMA Advisory met for its last meeting of the fiscal year where the group elected a new slate of officers to help guide the organization in the 2022 growing season.  The new leadership group includes:

•             Chair, Jan Berk of San Miguel Produce Inc.

•             Vice Chair, Robert Verloop of Coastline Family Farms Inc.

•             Treasurer, Matt Amaral of D’Arrigo Bros. Co. of CA

Notable changes to the board include the departure of founding board member John D’Arrigo and the conclusion of Dan Sutton’s service as Chairman of the Board.  John D’Arrigo has been an LGMA Advisory Board Member for nearly 15 years.  Dan Sutton has served as Chairman of the CA LGMA Advisory Board for the last three years.  Sutton continues to serve on the Advisory Board and on the Executive Committee.  Both the organization and the industry thank both Dan and John for their dedication and commitment to food safety.  The complete California LGMA Advisory Board list can be found online here:

About California LGMA:  The California LGMA is a food safety program that brings farmers together to make lettuce and leafy greens safer.  LGMA members produce over 70% of the Nation’s lettuce and leafy greens – adding up to over 30 billion servings a year.    In an effort to provide consumers with safe leafy greens, the California LGMA verifies food safety practices, enforces through government audits and requires a commitment to continuous improvement.  Learn more at