Chiquita Deploys Nationwide Disaster Response and Urges Local Residents to Join Hurricane Eta Relief Efforts

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Chiquita is lending a helping hand to Central Americans impacted by Hurricane Eta by spearheading donation efforts from its North American headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The company has been cultivating its yellow bananas in the tropics for more than 100 years and is committed to doing its part to provide immediate aid to those who have been affected, and help restore the damage caused by the storm, including destroyed hospitals, roads, schools and homes.

Beginning on November 11, Chiquita is partnering with key relief organizations and respective governmental institutions to organize and execute relief efforts through donations, funds and logistical transportation. As a substantial component of efforts, Chiquita is encouraging employees and local Floridians to drop off any available relief supplies at its distribution center, and is also collecting monetary donations from employees and community members who wish to support the cause.

“Chiquita recognizes its responsibility as a global leader in the produce industry to support our invaluable farming communities in need and is dedicated to guiding Central American restoration efforts in Honduras and Guatemala,” said Chiquita’s President Carlos Lopez Flores. “As a native Honduran, I have witnessed the strong resilience of Central America through many adversities including natural disasters over the years, and am proud that we can provide support to these great nations through our donation efforts, as well as by continuing our operations and providing employment opportunities for years to come.”

Chiquita will also be supplying shipments of its nutritious bananas to distribute within the impacted communities, while also offering its Chiquita vessels and fleets to organizations who can help provide critical supplies to Honduran and Guatemalan governments. In addition, medical support will be provided through health service fairs, medical dispensaries at Chiquita’s farms and a company-sponsored health clinic located in La Lima, Honduras.

“In the wake of a natural disaster such as Hurricane Eta in Central America, it is imperative that we join forces for good to lift up struggling countries and their citizens,” said Luis Suazo Barahona, Ambassador of Honduras in USA. “We’re grateful for Chiquita’s generous relief efforts during this difficult time, which will provide essential nutrition and supplies to families in need.”

How to Support Chiquita’s Donation Efforts

Those who would like to donate are encouraged to either ship, or drop off supplies at Chiquita’s distribution center, Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 3:00pm (excluding November 26 and November 27), following the below instructions:

·     Arrive at Chiquita’s distribution center (located at 3403 McIntosh Rd, Hollywood, FL. 33316) and park in the designated “Hurricane Eta drop-off” parking spaces located directly in front of the main office

·     To ensure safety and social distancing, please remain in your vehicle, and an attendant will arrive to collect any donations (seeking non-perishable foods, water, generators, and supplies falling under the following categories: baby, cleaning, pet, camping and hardware)

·     For larger items or items that need to be forklifted, please call ahead at 954-924-5703 to alert staff and coordinate proper drop-off and loading details

To follow weekly updates on Chiquita’s efforts, visit Chiquita’s official Facebook page.