Chiquita Unpeels a Masterpiece New Sticker Series Showcasing Reimagined Artwork

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Chiquita is celebrating an eclectic range of much-loved classic art by launching an all new, limited-edition sticker series that highlights the brand’s playful, creative nature. Honoring its delicious, yellow bananas for their art-inspiring qualities, the brand is pairing its iconic Blue Stickers with some of the world’s most recognizable artworks, allowing banana lovers to unpeel a masterpiece of flavor. Encouraging up and coming artists, Chiquita selected an Italian designer Mariangela Rinaldi, giving her the platform to transform the artist stickers that will be featured on more than 200 million Chiquita bananas from the beginning of December through mid-January. With the new artist stickers making its way to grocery stores in the last month of the year, consumers are sure to experience a dose of light-hearted fun, creative inspiration and smiles at year-end after a challenging year for many.

“Chiquita is excited to launch its final limited-edition sticker series of the year, which closes out 2020 with a creative twist by transforming our classic Blue Sticker to feature bright and colorful reimagined artwork,” said Jamie Postell, Chiquita’s Director of Sales for North America. “These imaginative stickers are the perfect addition to our delicious bananas and support Chiquita’s mission of highlighting the fun side of healthy living and snacking while inspiring innovation and creativity.”

Rinaldi’s 12 new stickers depict her joyful impression of famous works, exploring unique ways to incorporate visually a-peeling bananas. In addition to adorning Chiquita’s bananas, the series will be featured on Chiquita’s website, where fans can learn more about the original artists, take a personality quiz to match themselves to a sticker, and find artistically delicious recipes to enjoy at home. The re-imagined depictions showcased on the brand’s Blue Sticker include:

·     Leonardo da Vinci’s pure and modest ‘Lady Banana with an Ermine’

·     The beloved, enigmatic smile of the archetypal Renaissance masterpiece, ‘Mona Banana’, also by the great Leonardo da Vinci

·     Roy Lichtenstein’s celebrated comic-book image, the pop-urban ‘B-Banana’

·     An iconic Andy Warhol image, one of 50 parts of a multiple diptych of the world-famous movie star ‘Banana Monroe’

·     The long, delicate neck of Amedeo Modigliani’s ‘Portrait of a Banana with hat’

·     Frida Kahlo’s sweet and exotic ‘Self-portrait in banana peel’

·     Gustav Klimt’s famous gold and silver banana shadows for his ‘Portrait of Adele Bloch-Banana’

·     Pablo Picasso’s iconic ‘Banana Dora Maar’, the most famous cubist banana of all time

·     Edgar Degas’ infatuation for a banana dancer’s curves, ‘L’étoile banana’

·     James Whistler’s tasteful arrangement in grey and black, known around the world as ‘Banana’s Mother’

·     Sandro Botticelli’s beautiful and sensual portrait, ‘The Birth of Banana’

·     The turbulent background skies of Pierre-August Renoir’s ‘Young Banana in a Straw Hat’

“I’m honored to have been given the opportunity to collaborate with Chiquita and make over these distinctive pieces of work,” said Rinaldi. “Beyond being recognized as a delicious and nutritious snack, Chiquita’s bright yellow bananas and Blue Sticker are sewn into the roots of various cultures across the globe, making them the perfect inspiration to incorporate into any piece of artwork.” 

Bananas also help to paint a great picture of health, as they’re low in fat and rich in a range of essential nutrients.  They’re also packed with soluble fiber, resistant starch and natural sugars, ensuring banana lovers have plenty of long-lasting energy to celebrate their artistic side.

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