CMI’s December CatStat Report Shows Key Sales Opportunities for Apples

Wenatchee, WA: A special CatStat® (category statistics) report looking at data from Nielsen Answers®, total US for the 52-week period ending November 27, 2021, paints an opportune landscape for branded apple promotions as strong category builders.

Rochelle Bohm, Brand Manager at CMI reports that “The apple category is soaring to new heights, fueled by changes to consumer buying behavior delivering an uptick in health-conscious food purchases and demand for premium, high-flavor options, particularly organics. Honeycrisp continue to lead the entire apple category, holding the number one spot for all apples sales,” she said. “There’s no doubt about it: shoppers adore Honeycrisp. As America’s bestselling apple variety, retailers can drive down entire category sales by deep discounting. The data shows that customers who buy Honeycrisp are less price sensitive.”

Bohm reported that Envy™ apples consistently perform, holding the number one spot for all branded apple sales and the 7th spot for all apples, core and branded. “With more than 50% distribution across America and an impressive 21% sales growth over the past year, Envy™ apples are a crowd favorite proven to grow category sales across the nation,” she said.

Ambrosia apples continue to carve out their place in the top ten rankings for branded apple sales, holding the 2nd overall position. “Coming in 9th for total apple sales, core and branded, Ambrosia is a shelf staple with their consistent quality and appearance, coveted by shoppers for their honey-like flavor and refreshing crispness,” Bohm said. “CMI’s Ambrosia apples are branded as Ambrosia Gold® to capture the legacy of perfection established by the McDougall family as the first growers to bring Ambrosia to market in the USA.”

Cosmic Crisp® is rapidly rising to success, fueled by the backing of the Washington Apple industry. Cosmic Crisp® now holds the 11th position for all apple sales, branded and core and the 3rd spot in the branded apple rankings, Bohm reported. “This is remarkable considering Cosmic Crisp® has only been on the market since 2019,” she said. “A third of US grocery stores now carry the apple.”

Bohm reports that Kanzi® apples strengthen the category. “Shoppers appear willing to pay more for Kanzi®, and retailers can use this to drive category sales,” she said. “Over the past 52 weeks, Kanzi® apples lead the branded apple category with the highest percentage in average retail pricing, jumping an astonishing 35.5% to $2.37/pound.”

Bohm added that KIKU® apples demonstrate steady performance with growth in pricing. “Holding the ninth position for all branded apple sales, KIKU® show an increase in average retail pricing to $2.04, up almost 7% over last year.

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