Concord Foods and Tajín Join Forces to Introduce Exciting Recipe Collaboration and Fresh Packaging

Concord Foods is thrilled to announce its latest venture – a dynamic partnership with Tajín seasonings, showcasing an innovative Tropical Smoothie Recipe and Strawberry Smoothie Recipe featuring Tajín seasonings. As a leading provider of flavorful options, Concord Foods’ popular Fresh Success line boasts a diverse range of seasoning and smoothie mixes, all crafted without artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, perfect for enhancing both fresh fruits and vegetables. With an impressive selection of 39 mixes currently available, this collaboration with Tajín represents Concord Foods’ inaugural co-branded effort.

Juan Carlos, Brand Marketing Manager for Tajín, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Concord Foods and their Fresh Success line. We’ve long admired their brand, from their bread mixes to their caramel dips, and we believe this partnership, combining their delectable Tropical Smoothie with Tajín, is a win-win for both companies.”

The concept is elegantly simple yet irresistibly innovative: the Tajín name prominently graces the front of the Tropical Mango Smoothie and the Strawberry Smoothie Mix packaging, inviting consumers to enjoy the smoothies by simply adding mango or strawberries and discovering the Tajín recipe on the back. This mouthwatering concoction, known as the Tajín Spicy Mango Smoothie in one example, features both Tajín Chamoy Sauce and Tajín Clásico, promising a flavor experience like no other.

Samantha McCaul, Marketing Manager at Concord Foods, emphasized the company’s commitment to innovation and consumer outreach, stating, “We are always pushing the boundaries of creativity and seeking new avenues to connect with consumers. The widespread popularity of Tajín, particularly with mangos, strawberries and tropical fruits, inspired an idea we knew we had to pursue.”

About Tajín

Industrias Tajín is a proudly Mexican company, renowned for its leadership in the Mexican and United States markets in chili powder and its significant contributions to the production and distribution of chili-derived products worldwide. Founded in 1985, Tajín quickly captured consumers’ attention with its exquisite blend of lime, chili, and sea salt. In 1993, Tajín made its debut in the United States, establishing Tajín International Corporation in Houston, TX, as the hub for all U.S. operations. Since then, the brand has expanded its reach to over 65 countries worldwide, making its mark on Central American and European markets in 2006.