Conner O’Malley Named Superfresh Growers President

Superfresh Growers is proud to announce the promotion of Conner O’Malley to President. In his new role, O’Malley will lead sales, operations, marketing, production management, and grower relations for Superfresh Growers.

“Conner is a gifted leader and has an unparalleled work ethic. At Superfresh Growers, he has been instrumental in cultivating a team-centric mindset. He is empathetic, a clear communicator, and embraces our culture,” comments Robert Kershaw, CEO.

“The culture at Superfresh Growers is that of servant leadership. This is when the organizational chart is turned upside down, and the President works to serve everyone else. This culture permeates how we treat teammates, growers, and customers. It takes humility to embrace this culture and genuinely enjoy helping and seeing others succeed. If you truly enjoy seeing your growers, customers, and teammates around you successful, then magical things can happen. Conner thrives in this culture, and I enjoy seeing how others have embraced his leadership,” Kershaw added.

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