Dole plc Joins Freshfel Europe in Launching Fresh Produce Environmental Footprint Initiative on World Earth Day 2022

DUBLIN — Dole plc (NYSE: DOLE) is pleased to confirm that it has joined Freshfel, the European fresh produce association in embarking on an Environmental Footprint Initiative to develop a fresh fruit and vegetable environmental footprint methodology and digital tool.

The launch of the Freshfel Environmental Footprint Initiative with leading members from the Association marks a new level of cooperation on this complex and technical subject within the fresh produce sector. With participating members from right across the supply chain from Europe and beyond, the scope of this initiative will extend from farm to fork, from producers to consumers.

Our shared objective is to develop an objective, standardised environmental footprint methodology, database and digital tool for the fresh produce sector that is broadly accepted by the industry, stakeholders and consumers. It will align with the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) methodology as recommended by the European Union and which is likely to be employed by the European Commission in upcoming legislation concerning the substantiation of green claims and the harmonisation of EU sustainability labelling framework. Category rules specific to the fruit and vegetables sector will be developed ensuring comparable results of PEF-calculations.

Vincent Dolan, VP of Sustainability, Dole EMEA notes:

Our participation in this timely and worthwhile project reflects our core values and our preferred approach to promoting sustainability across the fresh produce sector. Specifically, it illustrates our commitment to the adherence to best sustainable practices throughout our operations, the importance of the promotion of transparency across the supply chain and the value we place on constructive engagement with fellow stakeholders.

Freshfel Europe Director, Sustainability and Health, Nicola Pisano believes the initiative is a milestone in sector cooperation on sustainability matters. She explains:

“Freshfel Europe, with its extensive membership spanning the entire supply chain from producers to retailers, is best placed to act as the platform for the Initiative’s work. More than ever before both the methodology and digital tool are much needed by the fresh fruit and vegetable sector.”

On this, World Earth Day, with its theme of “Investing in our Planet”, Dole plc is proud to be playing our part in assisting the industry as a whole to take its next step forward in environmental impact measurement and management.

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