Exp. Group Takes Ripening Solutions to the Next Level

NORFOLK, VA, USA – Catalytic Generators and Exp. Group LLC have worked together for over 10 years to provide customers with quality, evenly ripe fresh produce.

Exp. Group guarantees the quality and safety of their products, with commitment to achieve and surpass market requirements. From this, the multinational group committed to working with Catalytic Generators. “Catalytic Generators is a company that takes ripening solutions to the next level,” stated Anthony Serafino, Vice President of Exp. Group.

Serafino continued, “My father (Emil) has been doing business with Catalytic Generators for a long time, and when he started Exp. Group, he felt it was the right move for our company to continue to be involved with a company like Catalytic Generators. They have vastly changed how we deliver our products. We are very meticulous on how we choose our vendors, and we believe a large company like ours should be involved with an industry leader.”

Catalytic Generators provides the safest, most effective method for ethylene application. The company’s trusted and well-known ethylene generators provide consistent, non-pressurized ethylene in order to achieve even ripening and degreening. Exp. Group applies this ethylene to their bananas and plantains to produce a product that is uniformly ripened and ready to eat by customers.

Ethylene is a natural plant hormone and many fruits that are harvested mature and green will benefit from exposure to a small amount of this helpful compound. Ripening occurs naturally as a response to this exposure, for bananas, tomatoes, avocados and other fruit will release internal ethylene, which is the ripening trigger, regardless of whether ripening occurs on the plant or in a ripening room.

“Catalytic Generators’ products are extremely reliable. In the world of produce timing is everything as with ripening it is a 24-hour operation. We need equipment we can rely on and Catalytic Generators products never

disappoint. We are always looking for Greg Akins and his team to keep on developing more innovative products,” said Serafino.

Serafino continued, “It is our job to make sure we have top equipment to deliver on the demands of our customers. Catalytic Generators fits those demands.”

Catalytic Generators provides product service and support in several ways, whether by phone, website, email or personal visits. Our goal is to ensure that our clients’ ethylene application process is dependable and safe, and we are available to help meet their needs.

As 2020 approaches, the relationship between Exp. Group and Catalytic Generators continues to flourish as ripening operations grow. Find Catalytic Generators’ full selection of ethylene generators and ripening room management products here.

About Catalytic Generators LLC

The process of producing ethylene in ripening rooms was invented and patented by Catalytic Generators in 1973. The system consists of a catalytic-type generator that converts a liquid concentrate, called Ethy-Gen® II, into safe levels of ethylene, which is a natural plant hormone produced by many fruits, including bananas, tomatoes, avocados, mangos, and pears. With a strategic distribution network, Catalytic Generators offers its customers timely service and delivery across the globe.