Farmented Foods Upscales ‘Ugly’ Vegetables

Just because a vegetable is blemished or imperfect doesn’t mean it can’t be made into a delicious product, according to the co-founders of Farmented Foods, Vanessa Walsten and Vanessa Williamson. 

Farmented Foods offers several different kinds of fermented vegetables, including radish kimchi, dill sauerkraut, spicy carrot chips and champán de salsa. The vegetables are sourced from five different farms in the Flathead Valley near Kalispell, Mont., as well as from a distributor in Bozeman. To maintain a high-quality product with no chemicals or additives, the business prefers organic produce or produce raised in an organic fashion. Due to this, Farmented Foods acknowledges there may be variations in the raw product due to no pesticides. Fortunately, the business is designed to work with these “ugly” vegetables.

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