Gwillimdale Farms Introduces Conscious Consumption, a Full Line of Number Two Potatoes

BRADFORD, ONTARIO, CANADA – Gwillimdale Farms is pleased to announce the debut of a brand new and fully automated potato grading system—equipped with artificial intelligence—to its one-stop shop. This new system has multiple different parameters set to meet the required specifications of size, volume, shape, grade, and deviation. This investment allows a big move toward sustainable agriculture and the production of reducing food waste for Gwillimdale and its customers!

Conscious Consumption™ was inspired by the age-old problem: Misunderstood potatoes ending up unused.

“We’ve had an ongoing struggle with dumping and disposing of perfectly good potatoes with minor blemishes for years. Edible food waste is bad for the environment through the decomposing of vegetables and contributes to food insecurity and equality. 15.6% of Canadians are living food-insecure when 400 million potatoes can be diverted to retail and onto the tables of hungry people,” stated Quinton Woods, Senior Sales and Plant Operation Manager, Gwillimdale Farms.

Gwillimdale’s Conscious Consumption™ is the solution—delicious and natural white potatoes, AS NATURE INTEDED™. This new program diverts 20% of edible food waste from landfills and is an environmentally sustainable, completely compostable product with no plastics. The Conscious Consumption™ line comes in a smaller 5 lb package, further contributing to the elimination of food waste in homes. Conscious Consumption™ also offers consumers a cheaper alternative to fight food insecurity, while providing a health-conscious option. The program showcases a good, quality number two product, allowing all to eat and all to make a difference. This multifaceted product is the triple threat: It diverts food waste; it’s sustainable, and it’s offered at a discounted price! Let’s help our planet and our people.

Be a part of the change with us. Experience The Gwillimdale Difference.

Please visit booth #1301 at the 2022 Canadian Produce Marketing Association Convention and Trade Show to learn more about Gwillimdale Farms and the Conscious Consumption™ full line of number two potatoes.