MountainKing Rolls Out Half-Pallet Bins to Address Re-Stocking Challenges

March 1, 2021 MountainKing Potatoes

As produce managers stretch their limited staffs to stay on top of re-stocking high-velocity items, MountainKing is stepping up with a merchandising solution aimed at minimizing re-stocking time while stimulating impulse purchases of its fresh potatoes.

Update: Mexico’s Supreme Court Delays Decision on U.S. Fresh Potato Imports

February 25, 2021 The National Potato Council

During a hearing of the Mexican Supreme Court, the justice who authored the draft ruling overturning a ban on the importation of U.S. fresh potatoes asked the court to postpone a vote until next week at the earliest.

Side Delights Shares Trend Data on Changing Consumer Eating and Shopping Habits

February 18, 2021 Fresh Solutions Network

Since the inception of the pandemic, healthy-eating and immunity has continued to gain importance with consumers, and it shows in their shopping habits.

Morning Kiss Organic and Gold Bell Celebrate Potato Lovers Month with New Compostable Potato Packaging

February is Potato Lover’s Month, and Arrowfarms companies Morning Kiss Organic and Gold Bell are celebrating by introducing new, fully compostable paper bag potato packaging.

MountainKing Finds High-Impact Display Sleeves Generate Double-Digit Retail Sales Increase

January 26, 2021 MountainKing

Just as quick-service restaurants use enticing menu board images to drive sales of combo meals, double-meat burgers, jumbo-sized slushies and other selections, retail grocers are relying on the same concept to capture the attention of shoppers seeking a suitable side dish for their next prepared, at-home meal.