As Grilling Culture and Occasions Change, Side Delights Offers Solutions for Shoppers

Side Delights® suggests that retailers stock up on potatoes as the grilling season, occasion and culture evolves, calling for healthy, year-round options beyond the traditional barbecue. 

Tasteful Selections Releases Two New Micro-Ready Trays

May 23, 2022 RPE

Grilling is a highlight of the summer season. From brats, burgers and steak to ­fish, chicken or pork chops—America is grilling! And Tasteful Selections® is ready to help consumers enjoy fresh potatoes all summer long.

Opportunity Mapping for Horticultural Waste Streams

Approximately 74% of Canadian fruits and vegetables are wasted before they reach consumers for a myriad of reasons.  To tackle this issue and help increase the industry’s environmental sustainability, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Vineland) examined underutilized waste streams for the top seven Canadian produce crops including potatoes, apples, field tomatoes, greenhouse tomatoes, greenhouse cucumbers, onions and carrots and identified the range of opportunities for managing these by-products.

MountainKing Introduces Three-Pound Mesh Bags for Popular Baby Golds and Reds

April 25, 2022 MountainKing Potatoes

MountaingKing has introduced new, three-pound mesh bags of its popular baby-sized Red and Gold potatoes designed to generate a higher ring for retail grocers while providing shoppers with a larger, yet still manageable product size for summer cook outs, potato salads and other dishes associated with the season.

As Shoppers Shift Potato Spending, Side Delights Suggests New Potato Traditions

April 19, 2022 Fresh Solutions Network

Side Delights® announced shifts in spending and occasion for potato purchases as shoppers continue to cook and celebrate at home. While restaurants and travel are making a return, eating out has become more expensive, and consumers have adapted to the ‘pantry-to-plate’ trend created during the pandemic, spending more on produce – including potatoes.