Houweling’s US Holdings Names Bob Hale Chairman of the Board

(Camarillo, California) Houweling’s US Holdings Inc. is delighted to announce the appointment of Bob Hale as Chairman of the Board, having served as a director for the past year. Bob brings more than four decades of agricultural operational excellence and strategic leadership, having built Hale Companies into one the USA’s largest ag companies. He has already made significant contributions to the vision for the future of Houweling’s as the company continues to grow its footprint and position amongst the leaders of the greenhouse industry in North America.  

Kevin Doran, Houweling’s President and CEO noted on the ratifying of Hale as Chairman, “I am extremely pleased to have Bob as our chairman. To say he has experience in agriculture is a significant understatement, and our team is excited for the energy infusion he will bring to the organization.”

Doran continues, “Having worked closely with Bob, since he first joined our Board in 2019, I know we have a chairman in place who is a dynamic business visionary, and more importantly, an excellent person who understands what it takes to be successful in horticulture.”

On accepting the leadership position on Houweling’s board of directors, Hale who has built multiple farming companies and prior to selling River Point Farms in 2016 was one of the largest onion producers in the world shared, “Over the past year, I have had the privilege of being involved at Houweling’s.  Looking at the future of agricultural and food, Houweling’s is well positioned for accelerated growth.  The focus on glasshouses, sustainable production, food safety and quality will serve customers’ needs all over North America.  I am excited and looking forward to helping build a culture of success for the benefit of Houweling’s and its customers.”

Dave Chen, Chairman and CEO of Equilibrium Capital, investor in Houweling’s facilities, noted “In the next decade, the food sector will be transformed by controlled environment technologies and move towards climateresilient infrastructure. We are proud to be investors in Houweling USA’s growth and believe they are positioned to lead in these trends.  Bob Hale brings decades of leadership in the produce industry, leading the way in vertical integration, customer led food product development, and designed-in food safety processes. We welcome his leadership on the Houweling, USA board.”


Houweling’s is a world-renowned greenhouse vegetable grower, and marketer with facilities in Camarillo, CA, Mona, UT, Loveland, CO, and Delta, BC. Houweling’s focus on consistent, tasty and sustainable produce is what sets it apart from other growers. From seed selection through growing, nurturing, harvesting, packing, shipping, and servicing customers, the company is a leader in the North American greenhouse sector.