Index Fresh Adds Nic Vallejo to Sales Team

Corona, C.A. — Avocado industry leader Index Fresh recently bolstered its sales staff with the addition of veteran produce salesman and lifelong avocado lover Nic Vallejo. When you grow up in the town that hosts the annual California Avocado Festival, Carpinteria, Calif., selling the fruit comes as naturally as the A-B-Cs. Vallejo has paired his early avocado immersion with 20 years of produce industry experience and over a decade of sales experience before being hired by Index Fresh.

“I loved avocados as a kid, and I was eating avocado toast before it was cool. It doesn’t surprise me that the avocado has exploded in popularity, and I’m thrilled to be part of a team that connects this healthy, delicious fruit to more households,” said Vallejo.

Joining a robust sales team, Vallejo will be responsible for launching new products, adding value to sales programs and working with a diverse group of clients. Initially, his primary focus is developing retail and food service business for Index Fresh.

“As Index Fresh continues to grow, we seek individuals with the right skill set and experience, of course, but more importantly, an individual who demonstrates all the qualities required to be part of Index Fresh’s proud 108-year history,” said John Dmytriw, Vice President of Business Development. “When I first met Nic, I quickly realized why his clients enjoy working with him. His understanding of the produce business and his uplifting, professional demeanor was apparent from the start. Nic strongly believes that properly serving clients and co-workers require honesty and transparency, as demonstrated in his daily work and interaction with his team.”

Vallejo is well versed in the constantly changing dynamics of the avocado market and the challenges and opportunities that avocados present. At the end of the day, he says, customer service is key and he’s honored to be part of a team committed to developing trusted relationships with its clients. “I’m looking forward to contributing to the growth of Index Fresh, and continuing to grow my experience in the avocado industry with a great team,” Vallejo said.

Index Fresh works diligently to link avocado growers who produce the finest fruit to retailers who seek the finest fruit. Throughout its long history, the company has earned and grown its reputation for being nimble and responsive to market changes and new ideas while holding fast to its traditions of honesty and commitment.


Index Fresh is a global marketer of avocados, sourcing from all major growing regions around the world, including California, Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Colombia. Through its dedication to quality, consistency, and innovation, Index Fresh continues to be a leader in the industry. Over the years the company has earned its reputation for quality and integrity with an unwavering commitment to honesty, hard work, and providing outstanding results to their partners — growers and trade alike. Headquartered in California, the company has facilities spread across Texas, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Ohio, Colorado, and Illinois. Index Fresh started operations at its packing, bagging, and ripening facility in Pharr, TX, in 2018.