Leading West Coast Indoor Greens Company Pete’s to Expand to Georgia

CARPINTERIA, CA – Pete’s, the long-time greenhouse grower specializing in hydroponically grown living lettuce and cress varieties in addition to butter lettuce wrap kits and packaged salad varieties under the Greenhouse Fresh banner, announced its plans for expansion into Georgia in 2022.

The decision to open a hydroponic greenhouse in the Southeast was primarily driven by the company’s broader purpose-driven mission, which is centered around initiatives that serve the greater good of people, the planet and their greens.  Providing access to fresh, local, sustainable greens in areas that can easily reach heavily populated areas as well as areas where fresh greens may not be readily available is a top priority for the company.

“The food we put into our bodies has environmental implications,” said Brian Cook, Pete’s CEO.  “Our ethos has always been centered around taking care of our team, our local communities, and the environment.  Our goal with our new Georgia facility is to expand on our mission, helping to ensure that consumers in the Southeast have access to clean, sustainable greens that are grown close to home.”

Pete’s is planning on having 24 acres of growing area in Peach County to satisfy their Retail and Foodservice partner’s needs. The indoor growing facility will require 90% less land and water compared to traditional farming.

“Agriculture is Georgia’s top industry, and Pete’s will bring another innovative indoor farming facility to our state, as this sustainable model offers additional options to keep produce growing and hardworking Georgians supplied with nutritious foods,” said Governor Kemp. “Georgia’s No. 1 business climate, top-notch logistics network, and commitment to innovation continues to attract jobs and opportunities, and I thank Pete’s for investing in our state and Peach County.”

Building on their success in cultivating the living cress and butter lettuce markets, Pete’s will tap into their expertise as leaders in the industry and replicate this model as they enter the Greenhouse Fresh space.   Consisting of four varieties, Pete’s Greenhouse Fresh will offer environmentally-conscious consumers in the Southeast a range of fresh and sustainable packaged salad varieties.  In addition, Greenhouse Fresh packaging containers are made from 100% post-consumer recycled material, are 100% recyclable, and their flexible, resealable closures use less plastic and emit less CO2 than rigid plastic closures. Pete’s is also partnering with 1% For The Planet, pledging 1% of Greenhouse Fresh sales to The Recycling Partnership in an effort to help improve the recycling system. 

“Peach County is thrilled to welcome Pete’s to middle Georgia,” said B.J. Walker, executive director of the Peach County Development Authority. “This new advanced agricultural project not only brings new jobs and investment into our community, but also highlights Peach County as a leader in high-tech, sustainable agriculture.”


About Pete’s

Founded in 1970 under the name Hollandia Produce, Pete’s is the California-based, employee-owned and operated leader in hydroponically grown living lettuce and cress, using up to 90% less water and land than traditional growers. Pete’s people, products and philosophies exist within greenhouse walls. It’s where they grow some of the highest quality, best-tasting greens available. It’s where they provide protection from outside forces, resulting in clean, safe and reliable greens. The greenhouse has always been a trusted member of their family. And for over 50 years, it’s been their home.