Mango Industry Votes to Support Amendment Referendum

Orlando, Fla – The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced that the mango industry voted 52.5% in favor of the amendment to the Mango Order to expand the national research and promotion programs to include coverage of frozen mango. The amendment referendum took place from May 13 to June 3, 2019, allowing eligible mango industry members to vote on the inclusion of frozen mango to the National Mango Board (NMB) programs.

“The NMB is pleased to learn that frozen mango will be included in the Board’s research and promotion programs. Furthermore, we welcome this new era of the mango industry and strongly believe in the potential of mango becoming a fruit that is consumed daily by all U.S. consumers,” stated Manuel Michel, Executive Director at the NMB. “This is an opportunity that all board members and staff embrace and look forward to working together with the frozen mango industry. Combined, we will further accelerate the growth of mango consumption in the U.S.”

Voting was open to first handlers who received 500,000 pounds or more of fresh mangos from producers and to importers who imported 500,000 pounds or more of fresh mango or 200,000 pounds or more of frozen mango from January 1 through December 31, 2017. The addition of frozen mango to the NMB programs will add three new seats to the Board, two importers of frozen mango and one processor of frozen mango.

“The NMB will work closely with each sector of the industry to ensure a strategic plan is set as the frozen mango industry gains representation on the Board. In the long term, we see both industries complementing each other to increase consumption and availability of fresh whole, fresh-cut and frozen mango in both the retail and foodservice business.” stated Michael Warren, Chairman of the NMB. “The NMB’s return on investment is close to $17 for every dollar invested as the NMB has moved mangos from tropical to mainstream. The future is bright, and we look forward to accomplishing so much more as we join forces with our frozen partners.”

About the National Mango Board

The National Mango Board is an agriculture promotion group supported by assessments from both domestic and imported fresh and frozen mangos. The board’s vision, for mangos to move from being an exotic fruit to a daily necessity in every U.S. household, was designed to drive awareness and consumption of mangos in the U.S. marketplace. One cup of the superfruit mango contains 100 calories, 100% of daily vitamin C, 35% of daily vitamin A, 12% of daily fiber, and an amazing source of tropical flavor. Learn more at