MountainKing Helps Retailers Ready for Red Potato Summer Selling Season

HOUSTON, TX – As the prime summer selling season for red potatoes approaches, and supplies of russets and yellows continue to tighten, MountainKing reports it is packing record numbers of its Butter Reds while it ramps up social media and in-store support of the popular gourmet variety. 

“We’ve steadily increased production of our Butter Reds for summer knowing the supply challenges retailers currently face with yellows and russets,” says Andres Trettin, MountainKing’s director of marketing.  “They’re one of our most versatile gourmet varieties offering the cooking qualities of a red with the flavor of a gold. Plus, they sell for a higher dollar per pound at retail.”

Trettin adds MountainKing’s social media team has developed fun, consumer-friendly videos for how to prepare Butter Reds with Facebook ads supporting local market introductions. The company also offers eye-catching in-store sign packages and spacious half bins which require fewer trips to re-stock.

MountainKing packs its Butter Reds in 3# and 5# bags for optimal price points. 

Originally from the Netherlands, the all-natural variety from the high plains of Colorado’s San Luis Valley relies on Beta-Carotene for its intense yellow flesh interior ideal for smashing, boiling and baking. The Butter Reds, Trettin adds, are high in Vitamin C, an excellent source of potassium, Vitamin B6 and dietary fiber. The fat-free, cholesterol-free variety also is ideal for potato salads.

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MountainKing Potatoes is one of the world’s largest growers of high-flavor potato varieties.