Naturipe Spices Up Your Produce Section with New Ready-to-Eat Snacks

Salinas, CA – Naturipe is taking its fresh berry snacks to the next level by pairing your favorite berries and fruit with protein-rich cheese and nuts for the berry lover’s perfect snack pack.

Health, convenience and snacking are three components that continue to grow rapidly in the produce business. Demand grows as consumers focus on healthier, convenient options. Naturipe developed the fruit snacks with health and portability in mind.

“Our new Naturipe Snacks say, ‘We are here for you – morning, noon, and night,’” said CarrieAnn Arias, Vice President of Marketing at Naturipe. “Whether you need energy to power through the busiest times or you want to kick back with a tasty healthful snack, we curated these Naturipe Snack combinations so that they feel like an indulgence.”

“Providing the freshest berries is and has always been our priority, but we realize that consumers today are looking for more than just fruit. They want a balanced, nutrient-rich snack. That’s why we’ve added protein and dairy sources to this next generation of Naturipe Snacks,” said Steven Ware, Vice President and General Manager of Naturipe Snacks. “We are excited about this innovation at Naturipe, and we can’t wait for you to see what’s coming next.”

Naturipe Snacks are a perfect pick for ready-to-eat snacking that nourishes and satisfies with protein, fiber, Vitamin C, and calcium anytime and anywhere. Choose from a variety of tastefully curated combinations to satisfy any craving:

  • Sweet & Crunchy with Strawberries & Blueberries, Cinnamon Almonds & White Cheddar Cheese
  • Sweet & Zesty with Strawberries, Cracked Black Pepper Cashews & Aged Swiss Cheese
  • Classic & Sharp with Grapes & Blueberries, Roasted Sea Salt Almonds & Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  • Bold & Spicy with Grapes, Chili Mango Cashews & Pepper Jack Cheese

The latest Naturipe Snacks are available at Giant-Eagle and H-E-B and will soon be a new addition at Kroger. Shoppers can ask their local grocer to make these on-the-go snacks available wherever Naturipe berries are sold.

These trays expand the Naturipe Snacks line which also includes Naturipe Bites™ and Naturipe Snacks™ Fruit Cups.

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About Naturipe Farms

Naturipe Farms is a grower-owned producer and marketer of healthy, best tasting, premium berries and avocados. An industry leader for over 100 years in producing healthy and delicious fruit, and value added products. The diverse grower base and focus on innovation ensures year-round availability of “locally grown” and “in-season global” conventional and organic fruit.

Naturipe is a partnership between highly-esteemed growers, whose fields are spread across the globe. By sharing resources, skills, labor and knowledge, we are better farmers and in turn strengthen the local farm community. To ensure consistent, year-round availability with a commitment to “locally grown” seasonal produce, our products are farmed in the most optimal growing regions throughout North and South America.