New MountainKing Merchandising Program Focuses on Baby Potatoes

HOUSTON, TX – As sales of baby Golds, Reds and Medley potatoes continue to climb, MountainKing is embarking on an aggressive program to provide its retail partners with turnkey, display-ready options aimed at driving sales of the smaller, pre-sized variety.

 “Small potatoes are under-promoted and under-merchandised,” says MountainKing vice president of sales and marketing.  “We’re working to change that narrative in a big way.”

 MountainKing’s new merchandising package for its baby Gold, Red and Medley potatoes includes high-graphic sell bins featuring eye-catching oven graphics, reinforcing the fact that nearly half of all potatoes are prepared in the oven.  Single pan, 30-minute recipes for fish, steak and chicken and display-ready sleeves also are available.  Plus, all materials are customizable for specific store formats and traffic patterns.

 “The merchandising package makes for a perfect meat department display,” Pope says.

According to the market research firm IRI, 2019 dollar sales for baby Yellows were up an impressive 17.5%, Medleys increased 9.1% and Reds by .2%.  Pope adds each 48” x 40” pallet space dedicated to baby potatoes generates close to $1,000 in sales lift.

Packaged in 12/1.5# Masters or 120 ct. bins, each mesh bag offers 8-10 servings.  In addition to providing full visibility, the mesh bags are known to extend product shelf life. 

Customer surveys by MountainKing provide further evidence of the growing popularity of the baby potatoes and their 1.5-lb. meshed, see-through bags.

Among MountainKing’s findings:

– 71% stated a preference for mesh bags

– 65% of those who purchase small bags of fresh potatoes buy them every two weeks

– 60% of those surveyed purchase small potatoes for their ease of preparation

– 60% either roast or bake the baby potatoes in the oven

MountainKing Potatoes is one of the world’s largest growers of high-flavor potato varieties.  Currently, about one million U.S. households enjoy MountainKing products every week.

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