Simply Sun Bell Pepper Harvest Begins for L&M Companies

RALEIGH, NC – L&M Companies is excited to announce that it has begun harvesting Simply Sun bell peppers in Florida, with the harvest expected to continue in LaBelle and Palmetto through April 2020. 

Field grown from an exclusive seed variety, red and yellow Simply Sun bell peppers are naturally sun-ripened and offer a deep red color and a flavor profile that features the same sweetness as hot house-grown peppers, but with a fuller flavor. “They’re hardy peppers, with a shelf life that’s equally as good as a greenhouse pepper would have,” said Jon Shriver, L&M’s Sales & Operations Manager.

Simply Sun peppers are harvested at their peak to ensure maximum freshness and crispness. They’re disease resistant and since they’re grown on the east coast their freight cost is considerably less than that of peppers coming from Mexico. “This increased affordability to consumers is important,” Shriver said, “because 44 percent of consumers would buy more peppers overall if the colored varieties were closer in cost to green peppers.”

Simply Sun bell peppers can be packed in 11-pound cartons, 15-pound cartons, and bushel cartons. They can also be tray wrapped or bagged four-count pouch bags. L&M’s volume allows them to cater to all pack needs, as well as offer forward and contract pricing. For more information on Simply Sun bell peppers, contact Jon Shriver direct at 919-981-8077.

Consumer demand for bell peppers has grown in recent years. In 2017, 54% of consumers surveyed said they purchased bell peppers and red peppers make up 24% of pepper category dollar sales. Bell peppers are high in both Vitamin C, which helps fight infection and boost the immune system, and lycopene, which is important to eye health.

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