Offshoot Brands Expands Portfolio into Beverage, Announcing Exclusive Partnership with LOOP Mission

Conshohocken, PA – Offshoot Brands, a visionary entity fostering plant-forward brands like Love Beets, Genuine Coconut, and Veggie Confetti, and Canadian-based LOOP Mission, a formidable force against food waste and producer of cold-pressed juices, announce their exclusive partnership into the U.S. market, blending sustainable, innovative beverage options with a powerful environmental ethos. All four brands will be represented at the upcoming IFPA Global Produce and Floral Show in Anaheim, CA, October 19th – 21st, at Booth #2218.

On an endeavor to reduce food waste and champion sustainability through innovative product lines, Offshoot Brands welcomes LOOP Mission to its portfolio, where it will lead sales and marketing initiatives for the beverage brand across the expansive U.S. market. This collaboration ensures the amplification of LOOP’s mission to valorize rejected food, while simultaneously aligning with Offshoot’s ambition to bring more sustainable options to the retail landscape for consumers.

“We are incredibly selective when augmenting our portfolio, and are always on the hunt for unique, innovative, and value-added products that not only make healthy eating easier, but also infuse an element of fun into consumers’ dietary choices,” said George Shropshire, General Manager of Offshoot Brands. “LOOP Mission is not just a beverage company; it’s a mission-aligned brand that rescues perfectly good fruits and vegetables and repurposes them into extraordinary products, which aligns with, and elevates, Offshoot’s values.”

LOOP Mission operates with a distinctive and sustainable business model, partnering with major food industry entities to utilize perfectly edible products, which, due to aesthetic imperfections or shelf-life limitations, are discarded before reaching consumers.

Select LOOP Mission products will now be available for U.S. retailers, expanding the avenues through which consumers can access sustainable, high-quality beverage options.

“There could not be better timing for this partnership with Offshoot Brands to come to fruition, as the team looks forward to extending our upcycling and circular economy model in the U.S.,” said David Côté, Superhero and co-founder at LOOP Mission. “Offshoot Brands, being also in the produce world, were already fighting the food waste that often comes from the produce-aesthetic expectation from consumers, making them a solid ally already inspired by the vision of a future without waste.”

LOOP Mission will harmoniously integrate into Offshoot Brands’ portfolio, embracing and extending the brand’s existing values and commitments to sustainability. Offshoot Brands, which is actively working with farms to attain certified regenerative status and employs whole crop utilization to mitigate food waste, sees LOOP Mission as an embodiment and extension of these practices.

“Having Offshoot Brands as our partners to help us navigate and tackle this uncharted market is an amazing opportunity for the growth of this project,” continued Côté.

This partnership is a stride toward further amplifying Offshoot’s existing sustainability initiatives, with prospects to potentially intertwine resources and minimize waste across all brand lines.

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About Offshoot Brands

At Offshoot Brands, the central mission is not just to promote healthy eating, but to make it as accessible and enjoyable as possible. To realize this vision, Offshoot partners with a curated family of innovative, plant-forward brands, each contributing uniquely to consumer well-being.

Among these are Love Beets, known for transforming the humble beet into an array of versatile, palate-pleasing products; Genuine Coconut, which offers pure, hydrating coconut water straight from its natural vessel and delicious coconut meat snacks; and Veggie Confetti, a pickled vegetable brand promoting bold color and big flavor to add vibrance and nutrition to everyday life; and LOOP Mission Foods, a circular economy initiative that transforms food waste into fresh-pressed juices.

By strategically collaborating with these game-changing brands, Offshoot aims to expand its reach and impact, particularly in the North American market and beyond. To learn more about Offshoot and its commitment to elevating health through its diverse portfolio, visit