Oppy Doubles Imported Cherry Volumes as it Solidifies Growing Category

Oppy has significantly expanded its imported cherry program from Chile, Argentina and New Zealand, doubling volumes to cater to increasing market demand.

The leading grower, marketer and distributor of fresh produce from around the world now offers nearly year-round availability thanks to its increasingly popular domestic cherry program from California and Oregon. Chile remains the cornerstone of Oppy’s imported program, with promotable volumes expected from December to January 2021.

“Thanks to an excellent growing season, we are seeing fantastic quality cherries with higher than normal brix levels as well as a very strong crop overall. Our Argentinean cherries are also top-quality and will complement and expand upon our Chilean offerings,” Oppy’s Vice President of South American Operations Eric Coty said. “Oppy’s domestic cherry offerings have already experienced robust growth over the years, and the future of our South American program is just as promising thanks to consistently high-quality, well-sized fruit.”

South American cherries pose a unique opportunity for retailers, Coty continued.

“Until fairly recently, cherries were purely a seasonal item, starring in the produce department as the ultimate impulse purchase during the North American summer months,” he said. “Now, our customers can capitalize on that same ‘cherry effect’ with promotions during the holidays and into January.”

Oppy offers award-winning marketing and promotional support to retailers, working closely together to best utilize the excellent crop quality and volume, as well as tap into holiday promotional opportunities. The grower plans to continue actively expanding its imported cherry program every year, considering that Chile sends less than 2% of its crop to North America – leaving significant room for future growth.

About Oppy

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