Pazazz Apple Campaign Raises Money for Cancer Research and Education

Elgin, Minn. – The old saying “an apple a day” still rings true today when a healthy diet is so important for cancer prevention. Honeybear Brands®, grower, packer and shipper of Pazazz® brand apples, is partnering with the American Institute for Cancer Research® (AICR) for an engaging social media campaign allowing consumers to raise money for cancer research while challenging each other to eat like a superhero.

The Cancer Cruncher Challenge kicks off in February for National Cancer Prevention Month. Consumers are encouraged to upload their photo to the Pazazz superhero filter online and Honeybear Brands donates $1 to AICR. Consumers can text PAZ to 797979 to launch the challenge and generate the $1 donation.

“Apples provide dietary fiber along with many polyphenol compounds that work with gut microbes to boost cancer-fighting defenses in the body,” says Sheena Swanner, AICR’s Director of Nutrition Programs. “Partnering with Honeybear Brands is a natural fit for AICR to help bring awareness to the benefits of eating apples. One medium apple has about 4 grams of dietary fiber and AICR recommends eating at least 30 grams of dietary fiber per day as part of a healthy eating pattern.”  

The campaign is a simple, lighthearted way consumers can get involved and raise money for a cause impacting thousands of Americans each year. Retailers are invited to participate in the program by including QR codes in stores to launch the challenge. The program is a great way to encourage shoppers to eat healthy, cancer-protective foods, but also to help raise money for an important cause.

“At Honeybear Brands, we have made a business out of encouraging people to eat healthy apples and never has our health been so coveted.  We are delighted to support the important work that AICR is doing through our donation, as well as through the campaign’s total reach. Pazazz is not only a unique and full-flavored apple, pazazz describes that Joie de vivre, or cheerful enjoyment of life and we could all use a bit more of that right now,” says Kristi Harris, Honeybear Brands Brand Manager.  “Our goal is to bring a little joy to consumer’s while spotlighting the health benefits of apples and generating funds for a good cause.” 

About Honeybear Brands

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