Persian Lime Industry Extreme Heat and Drought Statement

The Persian Lime Growers and Packers Association (COPELP) issue this public statement in order to report the extreme heat and drought conditions in all core Persian Lime growing regions in Mexico:

We are reaching out to inform you about a significant development concerning the upcoming harvest season for limes in Mexico, which may affect your operations and supply planning.

This year, Mexico is experiencing one of the most severe droughts in recent history, particularly affecting our main lime growing regions. Prolonged drought and higher than average temperatures have created challenging conditions for crop growth and yield.

What is the expected impact:

  • Reduced Production: The lack of rain in an extended period has led to a noticeable reduction in crop yields. Consequently, the volume of limes available for export to the United States will be lower than in previous years.
  • Quality and shelf-life reduction: Drought stress create a significant impact the quality of produce, resulting in variations in size (fruit not being able to gain size), appearance (light green color and thin skin), and shelf life. While we are doing our utmost to ensure quality, some inconsistencies may be unavoidable.

Implications for our U.S. partners:

  • Supply adjustment: Due to the reduced yields, volume available to cover your orders may need to be adjusted (lower availability of 175s and larger, higher availability of 250s, 230s, 200s) please contact your packing / grower partner to discuss and confirm any necessary changes.
  • Price fluctuations: The decrease in supply may result in price adjustments. We aim to minimize these changes and will communicate any necessary adjustments promptly.

We recognize the importance of reliable supply and consistent quality to your business operations. Our commitment is to maintain transparency and work closely with you to navigate this challenging period.

We greatly value your support and understanding during these unprecedented times. We will continue to keep you updated on any further developments.