Pure Green Farms Exclusive Leafy Greens Provider For Iconic Midwestern Pizza Chain, Larosa’s

SOUTH BEND, IN – Pure Green Farms, the Midwest hydroponic greenhouse, announced that Cincinnati-based LaRosa’s Family Pizzeria will be offering Pure Green Farms Baby Green Leaf lettuce on its menu beginning today. Pure Green Farms will provide over 10,000 lbs. of baby leaf per week to LaRosa’s 66 pizzerias serving Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

“While we’re best known for pizza, we also serve tens of thousands of salads a year,” said Mark LaRosa, Buddy’s son and President and Chief Culinary Officer of LaRosa’s. “We’ve used iceberg lettuce in our salads for years. But recently, we’ve experienced inconsistent product quality primarily from California growers due to weather conditions there as well as difficulty getting timely delivery,” he said. “The Baby Leaf Lettuce from Pure Green Farms solves both issues. It’s fresh and tastes great. It’s got the same robust crunch that our guests loved about our iceberg lettuce”, said LaRosa.

Pure Green Farms Baby Green Leaf lettuce will be featured in all LaRosa’s side and entrée style salads. The lettuce is grown at one of the most high-tech, sustainable indoor farms in the country. The farm, located in South Bend, Indiana, uses advanced technology to seed, grow, harvest, and pack greens all hands-free.

“It’s the right time to be expanding into foodservice,” says Joe McGuire, CEO of Pure Green Farms. “Just as LaRosa’s has served its local guests for nearly 70 years, we are proud to serve our local community sustainable, healthy, and fresh greens. It’s what our brand stands for.”

The Pure Green Farms greenhouse is equipped with the best technology in the industry, which makes growing fresh lettuces year-round a cleaner and safer endeavor. The farm uses significantly less water and never uses any pesticides or herbicides. Pure Green Farms practices clean and environmentally conscious growing, all the time.

About Pure Green Farms

Launching in 2021, Pure Green Farms grows, packs and ships leafy greens hands-free in the Midwest.  Their purpose is to grow responsible fresh produce through innovative farming.  Located in South Bend, Indiana, the farm uses environmentally friendly practices to grow their greens through its high-tech, climate-controlled space and hydroponic growing system to produce the highest quality of leafy greens for their customers year-round. Pure Green Farms’ vision is to reimagine the way of farming with their innovative technology to provide fresh produce consumers can trust. To learn more about Pure Green Farms check out their website, http://www.enjoypuregreen.com/.

About LaRosa’s

Founded in 1954 on Cincinnati’s West Side by Buddy LaRosa, it is now a $167 million restaurant company with 66 pizzerias serving neighborhoods in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.  To learn more about LaRosa’s, go to www.larosas.com.