Red Sun Farms Announces Partnership With OZblu Blueberries For Expansion Into North America

BERLIN – Just a year ago, the Migivia Group and United Exports announced their joint venture. The venture was positioned as a strategy to speed up the delivery of the much-anticipated next generation OZblu blueberries, which are even firmer and crunchier and most importantly, have great flavor, delivering an unparalleled and consistent blueberry eating experience to end consumers.

Today, the joint venture announced a significant entry into the Northern Hemisphere with Red Sun Farms, Mexico.

Speaking from Berlin’s Fruit Logistica 2019, “It is no coincidence that we are able to announce this exciting development, OZblu will soon be able to provide a superior blueberry eating experience to the consumer, and to our client’s programs, for 365 days of the year!”, says Roger Horak, Global CEO of United Exports / OZblu.

“For OZblu, it is very exciting to be in Germany, a country that is no stranger to innovation and precision, delivering the bench-mark customer experience for many global brands like Nivea, Mercedes-Benz, SAP, Bosche, Siemens, and more, we are delighted that we can announce that we now have a world-class grower that can expand the superior customer experience that OZblu is all about!”, says Horak.

OZblu has redefined the blueberry eating experience, with bigger, crunchier, and more flavorful fruit developed with new leading genetics by Dave and Lease Mazzardis.

“Too often consumers will buy blueberries and be disappointed with them. We have worked hard to create and develop blueberries that are firm, sweet and crunchy, which is how they should taste”, says Dave Mazzardis, the co-breeder of the OZblu varieties.

Migiva, a successful diversified agri-group based out of Peru are no strangers to precision agriculture.  “Being World-Class growers ourselves, it is not every day that one is able to connect and partner with professional and scale grower like ‘Red Sun Farms, Mexico’, not only do they complete our footprint in Latin America, but they too bring tremendous value in precision agriculture!”, says Jonathan Gellar, CEO of Migiva Group.

More than 80% of global fresh blueberry consumption is in the Northern Hemisphere. With OZblu growing the new genetics in the Northern Hemisphere, they will now be able to supply the discerning blueberry consumer a consistent and superior product experience all year round.  

“Being able to pivot from precision agriculture in vegetables into a super fruit, is an exciting but and absolute privilege for us to conclude this joint venture agreement with OZblu.  For us being part of this family, not only fits well with our company DNA, but is a win-win, and we are delighted to be joining this exciting journey together with OZblu.”, says Thierry Legros of Red Sun Farms, Mexico.

The venture will speed up the delivery of the much-anticipated next generation OZblu blueberries, which are even firmer and crunchier and most importantly, have great flavor, delivering an unparalleled and consistent blueberry eating experience to end consumers. “This is good news for the entire blueberry category. We strongly believe that if the whole blueberry industry can elevate the consumer eating experience with new varieties of this superfood, it will lead to a transformative uplift and broader consumption for the entire blueberry industry and drive future growth”, explains Roger Horak, Global CEO and Founder of United Exports and co-founder of OZblu.

About Red Sun Farms, Mexico

We are an exceptional group of like-minded owners, growers, and service professionals unparalleled in the greenhouse industry today.  Our vertical integration closes the gap between grower, retailer, and consumer. We are the largest fully integrated high-tech greenhouse company in North America to own and operate farms in all three countries, Canada, Mexico and the United States.

About OZblu – Because not all blueberries are created equal!

OZblu blueberries – a leading producer of new blueberry varieties – prides itself on producing a range of blueberries that are bigger, sweeter, crunchier and juicer than the older traditional varieties, through a unique and sustainable breeding programme.

Since its first commercial planting in 2013, OZblu has made a significant investment in global blueberry production. Focusing on high-level, ethical, technical and sustainable production, while taking advantage of the different climates and rainfall seasons across the globe, OZblu is able to produce consistent, highquality blueberry varieties year-round for our delighted consumers.

The healthy life is definitely one worth living, and OZblu blueberries will make staying healthy a breeze. Follow us at:

About United Exports

Established by Roger Horak in 2003, United Exports is an international company specializing in the licensing and sub-licensing of leading fruit genetics.  As a vertically integrated business, the core business units are varietal breeding, fruit production, packing and export/import services. United Exports is best known for the OZblu blueberry brand and its innovative, sustainable and precision approach to producing these exciting varieties of blueberries. Find out more at

About Migiva Group

Migiva is a family owned group of diversified companies headquartered in Peru. Migiva Group’s agricultural division includes over 25,000 acres of prime farming land and multiple state-of-the-art processing plants in Peru and Uruguay. In addition, the company manufactures and distributes a full line of top-quality biostimulants and fertilizers developed in partnership with dutch giant Van Iperen.  In Peru, one of Migiva´s most notable agricultural subsidiary is grape farming innovator Agricola Andrea, the leading IFG grape variety grower in the southern hemisphere, serving and captivating top retailers worldwide with premium quality grapes and outstanding service. For more information, visit