SEPC Announces Power of Produce 2022 Panel

Millen, GA – The Southeast Produce Council has unveiled the stellar panel of retail superheroes that completes the highly anticipated SEPC University Educational Session – Power of Produce 2022. FMI – The Food Industry Association Power of Produce report is to be exclusively revealed at Southern Exposure 2022 where the valuable insights coupled with the retail panel will be a universal hit.

Moderated by FMI’s Vice President of Fresh Foods, Rick Stein, and 210 Analytics’ Principal, Anne-Marie Roerink, this session will feature the extensive experience of these key retailers:

Jerry Callahan, Albertsons Companies Group Vice President of Produce and Floral

Jerry is a 40-year veteran in the Produce and Floral Industry. He leads business strategies at Albertsons Companies driving sales and profits objectives for 14 operating divisions (2250+ stores), creating and communicating national strategic initiatives, and coaching a passionate team of industry leaders.

Robby Cruz, Target Vice President of Produce Sourcing and Procurement

Robby has over 28 years of retail experience where his passion for this industry is now focused on driving innovation at Target, where Produce continues to play an integral role in the growth of Food and Beverage and Target’s suite of easy, convenient, same-day services.

Jim Hancock, Sam’s Club Produce and Floral Vice President/DMM

Jim is a 26-year Sam’s Club associate where he has held various leadership positions in merchandising, operations, planning, and replenishment. Jim’s extensive career has been key in shaping the success of Sam’s Club produce and floral programs and buying teams since 2014.

“The Power of Produce has become a feature educational session at Southern Exposure over the past few years. We are proud to have pioneered this report with FMI and 210 Analytics and it has become a proven and valuable tool; a tool that consistently delivers deep insights to market and consumer trends that can be applied to all segments of the industry. It is definitely a highlight for me, and I am very excited to hear from each our retail panelists to gain their unique perspectives on the 2022 Power of Produce.” 

Raina Nelson

SEPC Chairman of the Board

President/CEO Westfalia Fruit Marketing USA LLC

This dynamic retail panel will take the stage Friday, March 4th at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida. Be sure to select this session when registering to secure your seat. It will be an epic part of the experience as SEPC celebrates The Marvel of Produce!


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