Sev-Rend On Boards New National Sales Manager, Mark Hoppenjans

Sev-Rend is pleased to announce the addition of Mark Hoppenjans as their new National Sales Manager and Sustainability Lead.

Bringing Mark Hoppenjans on as the National Account Manager lines up with Sev-Rend’s goals to further service their clients in the produce industry with high-performance packaging. This move allows Sev-Rend to expand their footprint even further in the ever growing fresh produce market along with bringing in experience from other packaging areas such as corrugated. On top of this: Mark has worked for the past several years as an independent sustainability consultant for many large firms where he support organizations requiring sustainability awareness, compliance, research and program development.

“Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Sev-Rend team that will allow us to grow in some key areas with a bold focus on sustainability and how it pertains to our products we deliver to the market along with the knowledge to help guide our clients to achieve their sustainability goals” states Rob Williams – CEO of Sev-Rend. “His experience in packaging sector is tremendous and adding in his knowledge, along with his passion, for sustainability makes him a perfect fit.“

Mark brings over 20 years’ experience to the Sev-Rend team ranging from business development to operation management to sustainability initiative expert. He most recently became GRI Certified at the beginning of 2023 where he gained expertise and global recognition in sustainability reporting. “This is a key component to my career path as I was always involved in the packaging field where sustainability is a main focus” states Mark. “We have the opportunity to help educate our client base on this ever evolving subject where many become confused and overwhelmed. This certification allows me to train the Sev-Rend team on the importance of such items as reclamation, waste to energy, carbon capture and transitional risk in waste. Combining this with my packaging experience made working for Sev-Rend the right choice. I am very excited to join the Sev-Rend team to offer world class products and service to the produce industry” states Mark.

Mark’s addition to the Sev-Rend team is in line with the Sev-Rend growth strategy. His vast knowledge and network will allow him to further strengthen Sev-Rend’s position as a leader on the sustainability front for packaging not only in the fresh produce space, but other markets as well. This gain is in line with several of the other items Sev-Rend has made over the past several years to support the needs of the packaging market. The addition of a new online ordering system along with pouch converting equipment are just some of the additional examples of Sev-Rend’s commitment to growth to support this ever expanding market.

Sev-Rend is a leading supplier of high performance packaging and has been in the packaging business and is going into its 30th year servicing the industry. Their headquarters and manufacturing facility are strategically located in Collinsville, IL, just outside of St. Louis, MO.