Side Delights Celebrates American Heart Month With Heart-Healthy Eating Options for Shoppers

Newport Beach, CA – As new data shows that heart disease affects younger adults (35-64) more frequently, Side Delights® suggests heart-healthy eating changes that can reduce the conditions that put them at risk1.

Obesity, eating unhealthy foods, and not enough physical activity can contribute to high cholesterol and high blood pressure, two of the most significant risks for disease. Experts recommend foods that are high in potassium and soluble fiber; and low in trans-fat, saturated fat, added sugar, and sodium to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels2. Fruits and vegetables, such as potatoes, rich in these nutrients, are a smart choice for promoting good cardiovascular health.

In a recent article, a preventive cardiologist and professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Ron Blankstein, reinforced the importance of healthy food choices such as fruits and vegetables for cardiovascular health, “When we talk about diet choices and diet availability, we’re in a society where there is a large consumption of processed foods that are readily available, fast food that at times is cheaper and more readily available and more accessible than healthier options like fruits and vegetables and whole grains and food that is not processed.3

“Potatoes are high in potassium, soluble fiber, magnesium, niacin, vitamin C, and vitamin B6, all of which are important for heart health,” noted Kathleen Triou, president and CEO of Fresh Solutions Network. “Side Delights® offers various product lines and recipes with unexpected ways to incorporate potatoes into a heart-healthy eating regimen. Some favorites from our website include low sodium, potassium-rich Garden Potato SaladOn The Go Potatoes, and Carrot “Cake” Potato Performance Muffins, which make the perfect snack or breakfast.”

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About Fresh Solutions Network, LLC:  Fresh Solutions Network (FSN) is the exclusive supplier of Side Delights® potatoes and onions.  FSN is a group of family-owned potato and onion growers and shippers who help fresh potato and onion buyers grow their categories, maximize category investment, and increase sales. FSN delivers category insights, collaborative innovation, and customized assortment. Fresh Solutions Network, LLC partners include: Sterman Masser, Inc. (Masser Potato Farms and Keystone Potato Products in Sacramento and Hegins, PA), Fresh Solution Farms (White Pigeon, MI), Michael Family Farms, Inc. (Urbana, OH), Basin Gold Cooperative, Inc. (Pasco, WA), NoKota Packers, Inc. (Buxton, ND), and Mack Farms (Lake Wales, FL).