Stemilt Ventures Into Supermarket Training With Stemilt U: Online

WENATCHEE, WA – Stemilt Growers has launched an online courseware series to help retailers train their produce teams on the farm to fork process for popular fruits like apples and cherries. Stemilt University: Online is a continuation of a long-time, in-person program at Stemilt and will help participating retailers expand the number of team members that receive training on these key produce categories.

Stemilt’s senior marketing manager, Brianna Shales, is excited about the opportunities Stemilt University Online will lend retailers in the future. “Stemilt University: Online is easy-to-use digital experience that makes learning quick and interesting,” states Shales. “Our marketing team has put in a lot of time and effort to create a tool that is user-friendly so all different types of learners can get something from our classes.”

While Stemilt University originally started with visits out to the field and classroom sessions held at Stemilt headquarters, Stemilt found they could easily digitalize this experience so more people could have the opportunity to learn in the comfort of their own workplaces.

“In a perfect world, we would love to have every produce manager, buyer and category manager out to our farms to experience everything first-hand,” says Shales. “But since that is not a realistic expectation, yet we have so much good content to share, we felt this was the next best thing.”

Today, Stemilt University: Online currently offers classes around apples and cherries with other fruits and topics coming in the future. Each class is a digital experience where students can learn what it takes to produce World Famous Fruit through an online platform. It works on computers, tablets or mobile devices, which give students the option to learn anytime and even on-the-go.

The online training is modeled after the farm to fork process and covers the same major lessons that are covered in the field. During the six-part video series, Stemilt goes in-depth to cover FAQs that consumers have about our products and give those who working in produce a better, broader understanding of where fruits like apples are grown and how they are farmed, harvest and packed today.

“When we designed this courseware, we mapped it out just like we do when a partner comes out to visit,” says Shales. “We encompass every element that is involved in the process and we have organized that information into six videos that are all under four minutes or less. It’s really just that easy.”

Each video covers a different topic, including how fruit is grown, where it is grown, the volume of fruit grown, different varieties, packing and shipping, nutrition and FAQs. After the students have completed the videos, they will be prompted to take a 15-question quiz to test on the materials they just learned. If students pass with a 70 percent or better, students will be awarded a Stemilt University: Online courseware certificate that they can either print out or share onto their LinkedIn profiles. If students do not pass on the first try, they can study and take the quiz again 14 days later to pass the course.

“The whole purpose of this online education course is to ensure our retailers have the tools they need to be successful on the floor,” says Shales. “Anyone who is working with our product and the consumer becomes an instant brand ambassador and we want them to feel confident in what they’re selling. We hope that all students who enroll leave feeling like they’ve accomplished something and are inspired to use it.”

The original Stemilt University courseware material used to be captured in a very detailed textbook that would be sent home with retail partners after their trips out west. However, as the world evolved digitally, Stemilt needed to accommodate those needs, which resulted in a video-based classroom.

“Video is the way that everyone is getting their information in today’s world,” explains Shales. “Stemilt University: Online makes continuing education easy with short, easy-to-digest videos. After watching these videos, students will feel like they are part of the Stemilt family and can represent our brands with their best foot forward.”

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