Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia Launches ‘Food Saver Challenge’ to Combat Food Waste in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA, PA — The Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (SBN), in
partnership with the National Defense Resource Council (NRDC), is thrilled to announce the
launch of its ‘Food Saver Challenge,’ an innovative initiative aimed at supporting local
businesses across Philadelphia in reducing food waste.

As part of this six-month challenge, local food businesses including restaurants, grocery stores,
bakeries, and more will have the opportunity to actively monitor and track their progress in
reducing, repurposing, and donating food that would otherwise be wasted. Upon completion of
the challenge, one business will be selected to receive a cash prize of $5000 and recognition as
SBN’s “Food Saver Champion” based on their ability to reduce their food waste and incorporate
food saving practices into their business model.

Philadelphia has an ambitious goal to divert 90% or more of the city’s waste away from the
landfill by 2035. Because food is the largest waste stream at nearly 17%, food waste continues
to be a pressing issue that affects many communities throughout the City. It’s estimated that
around 250,000 people in Philadelphia lack access to nutritious food to live a healthy life. SBN’s
‘Food Saver Challenge’ seeks to address these issues by encouraging local businesses to
adopt sustainable practices and become leaders in reducing food waste. Throughout the
challenge, participants will have access to resources and support from ClearCOGS, a software
company that uses technology to try to solve the waste issue facing most restaurants;
composting services from Circle Compost and Bennett Compost; local food recovery and
redistribution, and hunger-relief organizations including Sharing Excess and Share Food
Program; technical assistance provided by Drexel Food Lab, and resources to help them
implement effective strategies for waste reduction.

Throughout the challenge, participating businesses will actively monitor their progress through a
points system. Businesses will also gain valuable insights into their own food waste patterns.
This data can then be used to identify areas for improvement and implement changes that lead
to more sustainable practices. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to share their
results with the wider community through social media, inspiring others to take action and join
the fight against food waste.

“We are excited to launch our ‘Food Saver Challenge’ in partnership with local businesses in
Philadelphia,” said Devi Ramkissoon, Executive Director at SBN. “Together, we can make a
significant impact by promoting responsible food practices that not only benefit our
environment, but also contribute to our community’s well-being. By working closely with local
food businesses, SBN is creating a collaborative platform that advances lasting and positive
change in reducing food waste.”

Benefits for Participating Businesses of SBN’S Food Saver Challenge

Participating food businesses will stand to benefit from the following:

● Recognition by SBN, potential press opportunities, and other forms of city-wide
● Increased visibility through inclusion in media and social media coverage
● Complimentary access to ClearCOGS software for the duration of the challenge
● Complimentary support from local food recovery organizations including Sharing Excess
and Share Food Program Philly’s Rescue
● Access to use Bennett Compost or Circle Compost services
● Complimentary technical assistance services through Drexel Food Lab
● Invitation to a closing celebration event for participating businesses
● Benefits to local communities that include increasing the amount of donated food,
reducing the amount of organic waste sent to landfill, and raising local awareness
● A chance to win a cash prize of $5,000 and to be recognized as SBN’s “Food Saver

About the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia
The Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (SBN) is building a just, green, and
thriving economy in the region. We empower the local business community to be change agents
in the movement towards equity and climate resilience, and we advocate with them and on their
behalf so an equitable and climate-resilient local economy grows and thrives.

Since our founding in 2001, SBN has remained the region’s only membership and advocacy
organization playing the critical role of serving Greater Philadelphia’s independent values-driven
business community.