Wholesum Hires Harumi Kuniyoshi, Ph.D. as Director of Research and Development

AMADO, ARIZ. — Wholesum, Fair Trade certified growers and shippers of organic produce, recently hired Harumi Kuniyoshi, Ph.D. as their Director of Research and Development. While Wholesum counts on a strong R&D team, this is the first time they fill a position for this type of role. The decision further advances Wholesum’s goals of presenting innovative and disruptive products to market and bolsters their role as leaders in organics.

In this new role, Kuniyoshi will work to develop new and differentiated products and refine Wholesum’s current offerings by analyzing different varieties that could increase quality and productivity. She will also lead researching new methods and procedures to combat pest and disease in organic production systems to help further advance the current knowledge and understanding of organic plant nutrition.

“Organic growing requires more strategy and overcoming challenges, and Harumi’s skill and experience are very well suited to facing these challenges head on,” says Theojary Crisantes, Chief Operations Officer of Wholesum. “We are very excited to have Harumi join the Wholesum team and work to support our mission of growing organic produce for people’s well-being and making it more accessible for all.”

Kuniyoshi has extensive professional experience in research and development both privately and within the academic world for product development, disruptive technologies, and cropping systems. She has most recently worked in specialty crops. Originally from Peru, she received a Bachelor of Science from the Pan-American School of Agriculture of “El Zamorano” in Honduras, and from there she continued her studies that culminated with a Ph.D. in Entomology from Ohio State University.  Kuniyoshi is passionate about producing food that is sustainably grown to give the end consumer something that is good for them and the planet. At heart, she is a foodie, loves cooking and sharing good food and culture.  

“I am very excited about shaping the research and development culture and program at Wholesum from the ground up,” says Kuniyoshi. “I see it as a challenge but also a great opportunity to influence the growing system at a macro level. Wholesum is a leader within the organic produce industry, and with the creation of this new role I believe that they can elevate themselves even further. I look forward to introducing new procedures, implementing technological innovations and exploring different ways of producing food that is healthy and sustainably grown.”

About Wholesum:

Wholesum, third generation family-owned and operated farms based in Southern Arizona are growers and distributors of Fair Trade, organic produce. With over 90 years of farming experience, Wholesum has been dedicated to continuous improvement along the supply chain through responsible sourcing, twenty plus years of organic growing, equitable labor practices and environmental protection. They are also pioneering in the Fair Trade movement as the first Fair Trade Certified farm in the US and partner with organic growers with the same mission and commitment. Through a combination of greenhouse and open field production, Wholesum provides a year-round supply of high-quality organic vegetables. More information is available at www.wh.farm.