Allegiance Retail Services Announces the Results of AppCard NTRs pilot in Foodtown Supermarkets

 (Iselin, NJ) – Allegiance Retail Services is pleased to announce the positive results of a pilot program that delivers a new digital experience for shoppers. The most significant element of the program is the implementation of new checkout terminals (NTRs) that make shopping easier, more convenient, and relevant for the customers and the stores. The NTRs are piloted in three Foodtown supermarkets in New York and New Jersey, with additional stores in the pipeline. QR codes are posted throughout stores for shoppers to see specials, recipe ideas, and more.

Jack Shakoor, Owner of Super Foodtown stated, “We are seeing a higher level of engagement with our shoppers by delivering an exceptional digital experience, especially with the digital coupons and digital receipts. The NTRs are giving us a more fully painted picture of our customers and what drives their purchases so we can plan accordingly to meet their needs.”

The NTRs enable shoppers to enroll in and update club cards, opt-in for SMS messaging to receive notices of specials, download digital receipts, receive digital coupons for their next shopping order based on purchase history, and more. The NTRs are one element of ARS’s Go Digital and Save program.

“By using AI at checkouts to gather data, which is what the NTRs do, stores will be able to provide a better shopping experience and move customer satisfaction in a positive direction, so critical in this time when consumers are faced with a multitude of purchasing choices,” said Donna Zambo, Vice President, CMO, ARS.

“We live in an era of shopper-centric retail, so meeting shopper expectations for an exceptional customer experience is a must,” said Yair Goldfinger, AppCard’s Co-founder and CEO. “NTRs offer a fast, simple, engaging and fun experience for both shoppers and cashiers alike. We are excited to continuously contribute to the ARS Go Digital and Save Program.”

Store associates reported they are seeing shoppers enjoy the more personalized shopping experience and the benefits of going digital.

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