Blended Burgers Now on Menus in All 50 States

Redwood Shores, CA – With the rise of the plant-forward movement, the classic burger is undergoing a makeover to meet consumers’ needs. Want to have your burger and eat it, too? The “blended burger” is a plant-forward approach that blends finely chopped mushrooms into the ground meat patty for less fat and sodium, more nutrition and all the flavor.

For the first time ever, blended burgers are now available on restaurant menus in all 50 states. Through July 31, as part of the James Beard Foundation’s Blended Burger Project™, customers can find blended burgers served at more than 400 restaurants across the country.

Each participating restaurant – from Boba in Lewiston, Maine, down to LaMuse Café in Miami, Florida, across to Pikoh in Los Angeles, California, and up to Le Coin in Seattle – is serving their own version of a blended burger using the simple technique of blending mushrooms with any ground protein in at least a 25/75 ratio of mushrooms to protein.

“The fact that restaurants in every corner of the country are serving blended burgers proves the trend is taking hold,” said Bart Minor, president and CEO of the Mushroom Council. “We’re thrilled to have restaurants serving blended burgers in all 50 states. This summer, it’s easier than ever to find a blended burger near you.”

To take part in the Blended Burger Project, burger fans can:

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About the Mushroom Council:

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