FMI’s 2022 U.S Grocery Shopper Trends Examines How Food Retail Customers Are Shopping Online, In-store, and Both

ARLINGTON, Va –  FMI – The Food Industry Association, the trade group representing food retailers and their supply chain partners, released Part III of its U.S Grocery Shopper Trends 2022 series, titled “Navigating A Hybrid World.” The most recent release from the expansive, industry leading survey of food shoppers’ journeys explores the attitudes and behaviors of the hybrid shopper – consumers who grocery shop both in-store and online.

The expanding food retail marketplace has prompted new habits for shoppers who have embraced hybrid options and integrated them into their routines. As the research notes, in 2015, only 7% of shoppers reported ordering groceries online within the previous 30 days. By 2022, half of online food shoppers said they shop online every two weeks or more.

Digital shoppers are drawn to the online marketplace for its convenience and value. Being able to see the total cost of their virtual shopping cart before checking out gives them more control and the opportunity to eliminate unnecessary purchases and stay within their budgets. Additionally, 62% of online-reliant shoppers believe online shopping saves more time than in-person shopping, while 40% say online is better than in-person at helping them discover new products.

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