Keep them Coming Back: Making the Most of Quick Service Burgers

“I love the simplicity of a fast food burger. Gourmet burgers should come from a sit down restaurant, not a fast food joint.  I love the consistency of a fast food burger as well. I know the burger is always going to taste the same.” – Male, 221

The burger is a quick service staple across the country. It probably comes as no surprise it is one of the leading claimed purchases Millennials make when choosing to eat at a quick service establishment. For some, it even brings back sentimental childhood memories. “I love the nostalgia that eating the burger brings. I remember it being a treat as a kid, so it made it very exciting. I still remember that excitement.” – Female, 30. While we have a grasp on why people eat burgers at quick service establishments, are there factors which might be steering younger generations away from burgers? 

First and foremost, it should be noted that 78% of consumers claim they plan to eat the same amount, or even more, quick service burgers in the future. Not too bad, considering 53% of consumers claim they have had at least one beef meal at a quick service restaurant within the last month.2 But what about the 22% who plan on eating fewer burgers? Is there an opportunity to enhance the burger eating experience to maintain or grow market share? 

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