Live Demo by Chef Andy Matsuda of Sushi Chef Institute at Seafood Expo in Boston – presented by GADRE

GADRE USA INC. / GADRE MARINE EXPORT LTD. (GADRE), the third largest Surimi Producer in the world, is exhibiting their products at SEAFOOD EXPO NORTH AMERICA. Being held on Sunday, March 13, 2022, through Tuesday, March 15, 2022, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

In conjunction with our exhibition at the Seafood Expo North America, it is with great pleasure to announce a partnership with the Sushi Chef Institute alongside the renowned chef, Andy Matsuda. With the full cooperation of all parties, we are committed to give five (5) Professional Craftsman Scholarships for Chef Andy Matsuda’s 8-week Professional hands-on lecture produced by the Sushi Chef Institute. These scholarships will be given to five (5) recipients throughout the coming year.

Gadre is proud to continue our commitment to aspiring chefs. Starting in March of this year, we will begin the first round of scholarship giveaways.

For those curious of Chef Andy’s refined skill-set, he will be in attendance with Gadre at the upcoming Seafood Expo North America on March 13 & 14, 2022. There he will be preparing unique dishes with ingredients produced by Gadre. There many can see first hand what the opportunities lie for the scholarship winners. Throughout this course, Chef Andy Matsuda will teach from the foundations of sushi making to the unique techniques needed to become a world-class sushi chef.

Gadre being the third largest producer of Surimi products, we have positioned ourselves to become leaders in not just sustainable methods of production, but keeping a wide and ever-growing variety of products. The partnership and collaboration with Chef Andy Matsuda and the Sushi Chef Institutes highlights just one of many innovative products Gadre has to offer, and we are pleased to share our work with Chef Andy and ultimately the consumers.  With our continuing efforts into practicing sustainable methods of production environmentally, we believe it is our mission to give back to the communities that have let us grow to the extent we have today. Our quality and innovative products are designed to make usage and consumption of Surimi products more popular amongst consumers and users.

With this newfound partnership between Gadre and the Sushi Chef Institute, many exciting ventures await. By giving scholarships to aspiring chefs, allows for this partnership to become one of the positive forces in the industry we all call ours. More is to come in the coming months and we are excited to share new opportunities and outreach programs as we continue this partnership.


[Venue]             Boston Convention and Exhibition Center,

415 Summer St., Boston, MA  02210

[Booth]             Indian Pavilion, Booth No. 2833, Stall No. 7 & 8

[Dates/Time]     Sunday, March 13 & Monday March 14: 10 am ~ 5 pm,

Tuesday, March 15: 10 am ~ 3 pm

[Live Demo by Chef Andy]

                        Sunday, March 13: 11:00 am, 12:30 pm*, & 2:30 pm

                        Monday, March 14: 11:00 am, & 12:30 pm*

                        *live-streaming via Insta-Live

[Inquiry]            Rajeeb Naug, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer: Emai:

                        Yuko Motoki, Event Coordinator: Cel: (201) 981-0123, Email: