Morton Williams Supermarkets joins Allegiance Retail Services

ISELIN, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES — Allegiance Retail Services, a leading retailer owned grocery co-op, is delighted to announce that the iconic New York supermarket chain, Morton Williams, has become its newest member. Founded in 1952, Morton Williams Supermarkets is a family-owned and operated food retailer with 16 stores in the New York Metropolitan area.

“It is a great testament to the strength of our cooperative and product offerings that Morton Williams Supermarkets has chosen to join our membership,” stated John T. Derderian, President, COO, Allegiance Retail Services. “Our cooperative with 126 stores provides exceptional national and local product lines, high quality produce, seafood and meat, and an extensive private label line of conventional and organic items. Additionally, Allegiance is known for its unwavering professionalism, commitment and support of its independent grocers.”

Avi Kaner, an owner of Morton Williams Supermarkets, has been unanimously elected to Allegiance’s distinguished Board of Directors. He said, “We are honored to join the Allegiance family. The level of dedication and support by the cooperative’s executives and other members has been stellar. We look forward to growing and enhancing our relationship with this wonderful organization.”

Morton Williams Supermarkets are located primarily in upscale Manhattan neighborhoods, focusing on high quality, fresh, and diverse produce offerings. Each supermarket is designed to reflect the needs of the local neighborhood in which it is situated.
Morton Williams joins Gristedes and D’Agostino’s – two other leading iconic supermarkets – as Members of Allegiance – now positioning the cooperative as the leader in the Manhattan marketplace.

About Allegiance Retail Services LLC

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