Atlantic Sapphire Revolutionizes the Salmon Industry with Sustainable, U.S. Raised Bluehouse Salmon Product

MIAMI — Atlantic Sapphire is revolutionizing the salmon industry with its proprietary, sustainably sourced Bluehouse Salmon. Raised onshore in Florida, the new premium salmon product is not only good for the consumer, but also good for the environment. Bluehouse Salmon’s first Florida harvest will be available at select retailers across the nation beginning in October 2020, with amplified distribution in November 2020.

With a vision to lead the salmon farming industry towards a more sustainable future, Norwegian salmon entrepreneurs Johan Andreassen and Bjorn-Vegard Lovik founded Atlantic Sapphire in 2010. The duo originally established Villa Organic — the first Norwegian organic salmon farming company. However, with 90 percent of wild fisheries unable to sustain current demand, the team envisioned an even better alternative and worked to create a commercial pilot of a Bluehouse™ in Denmark. Their vision didn’t stop there – with a successful pilot run in Denmark under their belts – Andreassen and Lovik worked to identify the perfect location for a full-scale Bluehouse™ in the U.S. 

Atlantic Sapphire Chief Executive Officer Johan Andreassen said, “with the creation of our proprietary Bluehouse™ we knew we had the potential to have an enormous impact on the salmon industry, and with much of the seafood imported into the United States, we wanted to continue to make a positive contribution by seeking out a location that would further reduce our carbon footprint.”

As a result, Atlantic Sapphire built an innovative Bluehouse™ in Miami, Fla. The revolutionary Bluehouse™ serves as the equivalent of a greenhouse. Fish are given ideal conditions to thrive with a 95 percent water-to-fish-ratio and the ability to swim against strong currents as they would in the wild. The first of its kind, the Miami Bluehouse brings a new level of purity to the product with water sourced from the Floridian Aquifer — an ancient artesian aquifer that naturally purifies water through limestone rock. As such, the water has never been exposed to man-made contamination, like microplastics. Ten years in the making, cutting edge technology yields a product that not only helps alleviate the pressure on wild fisheries, but also eliminates environmental concerns associated with conventional salmon farming; the harvest serves as a pivotal moment in shaping the industry towards a greener tomorrow.

Bluehouse Salmon is heart-healthy, ocean safe, free of antibiotics and hormones. With 80 percent of the seafood in the United States imported, pioneering Bluehouse® salmon farming locally and transforming protein production globally, the technology bridges the gap between increased demand and limited supply. In addition, Atlantic Sapphire now delivers a fresh from Florida product at rapid speeds with a fraction of the carbon footprint.

While the first U.S. harvest will only be available at select retailers, the company is poised for exponential growth with nationwide distribution on the horizon as early as November 2020. For more information or to find a retailer, visit

About Atlantic Sapphire:
With 80 percent of seafood imported in the United States and 90 percent of wild fisheries unable to sustain current demand, Atlantic Sapphire is leading the salmon farming industry towards a more sustainable future with its one-of-a-kind Bluehouse Salmon. Raised onshore in Florida, Atlantic Sapphire’s proprietary Bluehouse™ is revolutionizing aquaculture. With water sourced from the Floridian Aquifer, the product is not only good for the consumer (delicious, heart-healthy, free of antibiotics and hormones), but also good for the environment. Bluehouse Salmon is sustainably sourced, delivered fresh from the Sunshine State, resulting in low carbon emissions and a fraction of the carbon footprint.