Bluglacier’s ASC, BAP Certified Silverside Algae-Fed Coho Harvest Season is Quickly Approaching in the U.S. This Fall With a Totally New Look and Feel

MIAMI, FL – Chilean salmon distributor BluGlacier, along with salmon producer Ventisqueros, are pleased to announce that they just completed a major facelift to its Silverside algae-fed Coho salmon brand. They created a brand-new marketing scheme, from its fun bold fonts to sea inspired, teal blue packaging (with traces of coral images throughout the background), to justly make their fish look easy to prepare, cook, and delicious to eat. Their goal is to showcase how its seasonal product is not only sustainable and healthy for humans, but good for the fish too. 

“Our key objectives with the brand refresh are to show our customers how to be a more conscious and responsible consumer, the process of algae farmed salmon, provide easy & tasty recipes to cook at home, and how to make seafood more approachable,” says BluGlacier’s Chief Marketing Officer, Evelyn Torres. “We aim to be clear and transparent yet disruptive at the same time,” she adds. 

Along with the brand revamp, Ventisqueros is once again bringing its award-winning, sustainably farmed Silverside Premium Coho salmon with the lowest feed to fish ratio in the industry to the U.S. market this fall. It will be distributed from October 1 through December 31 for the retail and foodservice sector, and the salmon will be available fresh and frozen.  Additionally, the company will offer special prices for its first-time buyers and a rewards system to be announced at a later date. 

Certified by Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP), Silverside is produced by Ventisqueros in the northern Patagonia region of Chile. Raised on AlgaPrime, a non-GMO, algae-based feed, Silverside ensures a high concentration of healthy Omega 3’s and lowers the dependency for wild fish utilized in the feed. By utilizing AlgaPrime and aligning the company’s practices to the ASC, BluGlacier can ensure Silverside is one of the most sustainable ocean-raised salmon available. It is also live harvested and specially packed to ensure optimal quality while remaining competitively priced less than other similarly certified salmon.   

BluGlacier’s salmon products arefrom the isolated cold-water fjords of southern Chile. Working alongside leading aquaculture experts, BluGlacier is committed to the livelihood of both its salmon and its oceans.  Silverside provides an exceptional culinary experience. It’s photogenic deep orange color and rich taste are perfect for diversifying menus. Packed with protein and essential vitamins, BluGlacier’s Silverside salmon is extremely versatile and can be prepared in multiple ways.   

For more information on the Silverside Coho Salmon please visit and for BluGlacier To preview savory and inventive recipes created by world renown chefs, visit BluGlacier’s recipe section on the website here


About BluGlacier   

BluGlacier LLC is the jointly owned North American sales office for Salmones Blumar SA and Ventisqueros SA, two of Chile’s most respected and experienced salmon producers. Both companies own all aspects of their salmon production, including freshwater hatcheries, saltwater farms and primary and secondary processing facilities. BluGlacier, one of the three largest Chilean salmon importers to the U.S. by volume, is recognized for delivering high quality products and creating strong supply partnerships with customers. For more information, visit