Cooke Aquaculture Seeks Renewal of Salmon Pen Lease

FRENCHBORO — Just weeks after Cooke Aquaculture agreed to pay the state more than $150,000 to settle numerous violations at several of its salmon net pen sites in eastern Maine, the Department of Marine Resources is asking for public comment on the company’s application for a 20-year lease renewal.

The renewal is of a lease to grow salmon, other finfish and blue mussels on a 15-acre site located between Black Island and Placentia Island south of Bass Harbor and Great and Little Gott islands.

DMR gave notice last week that it had received a completed application from Cooke and notice that it would accept written comment on the application until 4 p.m. on Thursday Nov. 28, Thanksgiving Day. No hearing is required on lease renewals unless the department receives at least five written requests during the comment period.

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