Coronavirus: How it Affects Norwegian Seafood Exports

The Norwegian Seafood Council receives many requests from media and industry about how the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic affects Norwegian seafood exports and the operations of the Norwegian Seafood Council. As there are many uncertainties and the situation is constantly evolving, we have created this page to give regular updates and analysis.

NSC update as of 1st April 2020

Norway as a seafood-producing nation is proving itself highly adaptable in the ongoing situation. The biggest challenges at the moment are related to the closure of the restaurant segment globally, which hits individual players hard. There is still considerable uncertainty related to future demand and logistics. We are seeing tendencies towards a gradual normalization in Asian countries such as China and South Korea.

“As in previous weeks, we are seeing a continued reduction for fresh seafood and an increase in frozen and conventional products,” says Paul Aandahl, seafood analyst at the Norwegian Seafood Council.

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