Culinary Reserve, Premium Line of Pasteurized Crab Meat from North Coast Seafoods, is a Favorite Across the Country

Boston, MA – Crab lovers rejoice! North Coast Seafoods, a prominent East Coast-based supplier of sustainable seafood proudly presents Culinary Reserve Crab Meat. Available for foodservice operators, chefs, and retailers across the country.

For years, professional chefs and home cooks alike have relied on Culinary Reserve for consistent exceptional quality and excellent taste. Customers prefer Culinary Reserve for its sweet, clean, buttery flavor and delicate, flaky texture.

North Coast’s Culinary Reserve Crab Meat is a premium line of pasteurized Blue Swimming Crab meat created to meet the highest standards of seafood excellence.  Culinary Reserve offers 6 varieties of crab meat, all in 1 lb. cans, including:  

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Culinary Reserve crabs are responsibly wild caught from the Indonesian Spice Islands. Live crabs are steamed immediately, which is the key to North Coast’s premium quality. The crab meat is then 100% hand-picked, immediately chilled, and pasteurized under the strictest quality control standards. In addition, North Coast regularly micro-tests their crab meat to guarantee food safety. Shelf life of these 1 lb. cans is 12 months under proper refrigeration.

Culinary Reserve crab meat is also Certified Heart Healthy by the American Heart Association.

“Anyone who has been buying pasteurized crab over the past 2 years knows that the crab meat market has experienced unprecedented volatility” says Rich Polins, Principal at North Coast Seafoods. “After 2 years of the most turbulent price fluctuations in history, chefs, foodservice operators, and retailers are more than ready for some stability. North Coast’s experts are eager to help position businesses with premium quality, consistent supply, and a trusted brand.”

For over 65 years, North Coast Seafoods has been sourcing, processing, and distributing the highest quality, sustainable seafood to our foodservice and retail customers across the United States. In addition to North Coast’s Culinary Reserve Crab Meat, they also offer a comprehensive line of fresh and frozen finfish, shellfish, and value added seafood. To learn more about becoming a customer, contact

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For home chefs, Culinary Reserve Crab meat is also available to order online.

About North Coast Seafoods:

North Coast Seafoods is a third generation family-owned American company based in Boston, MA. At North Coast, Seafood with Integrity is more than just a vision: it embodies our steadfast commitment to excellence.

When we say that our seafood is the freshest and most wholesome on the market, we mean it. When we commit to supplying our customers the very best seafood, we follow through. And if ever something isn’t exactly right, we hold ourselves accountable. For more information, please visit