Gulf Fishermen and Kerian Machines Develop Groundbreaking Head-on Grader for Shrimp Boats

Sitting on the frozen plains of North Dakota 50-miles from the Canadian boarder, a family-owned business has been enlisted by Gulf fishermen to develop a new method to grade by size head-on shrimp while still on the boat.  The new shrimp grader will allow fishermen to better compete with imports, putting the quality consumers demand ahead of price.

Fifty years ago Kerian Machines, located in the tiny town of Grafton, designed its first potato grader. Since then the international company has developed new methods of sorting a variety of products.

“My father always told me people don’t come to us just to buy another piece of equipment, they come to us with problems they want solved,” said James Kerian, whose grandfather started the company while working as a manager at a potato warehouse. “Our job is to understand the problem so we can apply our knowledge and expertise in engineering to provide an affordable, efficient and effective solution.”

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