Longtime Peter Pan Seafood CEO Transitions to Senior Advisory Role

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A 33-year Peter Pan Seafood Company, LLC veteran, Barry Collier is stepping down from his post as CEO and will transition into a senior advisory role for the company’s ownership group.

“When you work in seafood you really get to know other people in the industry and even before I became a part of Peter Pan, Barry is someone I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working for the last few decades. I truly admire who he is as a leader and his commitment to Peter Pan over the last 30 years,” said Rodger May, president and chief growth officer of Peter Pan. “Barry played a key role in ensuring that the ownership transition earlier this year was smooth and efficient and we’re glad to have his trusted voice in his new role on our senior advisory board.”

Rodger May, president and chief growth officer of Peter Pan will continue to lead the company alongside a growing team of skilled industry professionals including vice president of operations Jon Hickman.

About Peter Pan Seafood Company, LLC

Peter Pan Seafood Company, LLC is a vertically integrated seafood company dedicated to a strong future of prosperity and sustainability composed of Peter Pan Seafood’s assets and the value-added sales channels of Northwest Fish Co., LLC (“Northwest Fish”). The ownership group is Rodger May of Northwest Fish, the Na’-Nuk Investment Fund, LP (managed by McKinley Alaska Private Investment, LLC and McKinley Capital Management, LLC), and the RRG Global Partners Fund (managed by RRG Capital Management, LLC).