Mowi: The World Needs More Food From the Ocean

Our goal, as part of our mission to lead the Blue Revolution, is to sustainably produce more food from the ocean to feed a growing world population.

We believe that producing more food from the ocean is an integral part of dealing with major challenges faced by humanity, such as food security and climate change. Salmon is farmed with a low carbon footprint, space for farming in the ocean is plentiful, and as far as animal protein goes – it’s about as healthy as it gets. By producing food at a sustainable scale, we have every opportunity to position the aquaculture industry in the driver’s seat to tackle global challenges – this is at the very core of our vision of Leading the Blue Revolution.

In 2020, as countries all over the world were forced to introduce tough measures to control the spread of COVID-19, the issues of a stable food supply chain and the environment were thrust into the spotlight.

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