National Fisheries Institute Statement on the Food and Drug Administration’s Strategy to Ensure the Safety of Imported Seafood

WASHINGTON, DC – The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) newly released report, “Activities for the Safety of Imported Seafood,” illustrates a continued commitment to seafood safety. The report outlines a comprehensive approach that takes advantage of “smarter, more efficient technologies and processes” to enhance an already effective system.

FDA’s work doesn’t simply rely on optimized inspections, it strengthens surveillance, improves predictive analytics, and even includes a pilot program using artificial intelligence.  In fact, the bulk of the agency’s work is focused on prevention. Imported seafood is required to meet the same safety standards as seafood produced in this country and this work demonstrates how that is achieved.  

This report shows FDA understands food safety needs are ever evolving and its work to meet those challenges is too.

Lisa Wallenda Picard
President & CEO