Huge Seafood Coalition Opposes Natural Resources Bill that Undercuts Sustainability Successes

Ahead of tomorrow’s House Natural Resources Committee hearing on legislation entitled “Ocean-Based Climate Solutions Act,” a coalition of more than 800 members of the seafood community say the proposed bill is not backed by science and has the potential to do more harm than good.

National Fisheries Institute Statement on EU Parliament Removing Tariffs on U.S. Lobster

The National Fisheries Institute (NFI) welcomes today’s announcement that lawmakers in the European Parliament’s trade committee have voted in favor of removing tariffs on U.S. lobster and encourage the full Parliament to back the deal when they vote.

National Fisheries Institute Statement on the EU’s Retaliatory Seafood Tariffs

Today’s news that the European Union will place tariffs on about $ 20 million worth of annual United States seafood exports to the EU is disappointing. The seafood communities in the U.S. and EU have long enjoyed a trade relationship that has created tens of thousands of jobs and, most recently, been poised to expand.

Slade Gorton CEO, Kim Gorton, Testifies Before Congress

The House Committee on Small Business hearing on the impact of the pandemic on food systems included testimony from Slade Gorton CEO, Kim Gorton. Her family-owned small business produces more than 200 million seafood meals annually. Gorton represents the fifth generation in the seafood industry, and she is also a leader of the National Fisheries Institute.

NFI’s Robert DeHaan Testifies Before U.S. International Trade Commission

The U.S. International Trade Commission is examining the effect of a lobster trade agreement, between Canada and the European Union, on America’s lobster industry.