New Partnership Aims to Increase Access to Sustainable Seafood

FORT COLLINS, Colorado — In a first-of-its-kind partnership announced today, the sustainable seafood nonprofit FishChoice and leading Mexican seafood industry trade group COMEPESCA are collaborating to increase access for North American buyers that seek to source sustainable seafood from Mexico and to support Mexican seafood producers that prioritize sustainability.

“Mexican producers can help U.S. and Canadian buyers meet their sustainability goals,” said Richard Boot, CEO of FishChoice, “ is all about making it easier for buyers to find sustainable sourcing options, and that’s exactly what our partnership with COMEPESCA and its member companies does.”

COMEPESCA (Consejo Mexicano de Promoción de los Productos Pesqueros y Acuícolas, or “Council for the Promotion of Seafood Consumption and Aquaculture Products”) represents more than 40 Mexican seafood companies, including Orca Foods LLC (DBA Artisan Catch), Baja Shellfish Farms, and Pesmar. COMEPESCA is committed to promoting the benefits of seafood consumption to stimulate economic development.

“FishChoice is the place buyers go to find sustainable products. We are excited to partner with them and to support our member companies to improve their access to U.S. and Canadian buyers,” said Citlali Gòmez Lepe, from COMEPESCA.

When a COMEPESCA member company becomes a FishChoice Partner, the company can highlight their COMEPESCA membership on its FishChoice profile. This makes it easier for over 6,000 FishChoice users to find them and source from them.

“The viability of Mexican producers’ sustainability efforts depends on access to buyers who prioritize sustainability,” said Mauricio Orellana, from Orca Foods LLC (DBA Artisan Catch). “We are hopeful that COMEPESCA’s partnership with FishChoice will improve market access.”