NY Sea Grant Provides Seafood Resources During COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic put pressure on New York seafood producers to quickly understand the requirements for processing and marketing seafood as the need for accessing new markets became increasingly vital for business success. As part of New York Sea Grant’s Rapid Response Support, the Seafood Processing and Marketing Taskforce was developed to equip New York fishermen and aquaculturists with interactive guides that shed light on the regulatory requirements of seafood processing and how best to market their products to expand their business.

Mike Ciaramella, Seafood Specialist with New York Sea Grant (NYSG) who is based at Stony Brook University, worked with colleagues in the industry to produce a series of seafood processing and marketing guides and resources to help seafood marketers envision opening up new markets for seafood and its products.

The taskforce, which consisted of federal and state agencies as well as seafood-related industry and academic partners, developed three regulatory guides that focus on the production, processing, and sales of wild harvest fisheries, aquaculture, and bivalve molluscan shellfish. Eight supplementary guides were also developed to expand on some of the requirements outlined. These materials were designed to help New York seafood producers get their seafood products to market effectively and efficiently.

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