Stronger America Through Seafood Applauds NOAA’s Commitment to Increase American Aquaculture Production

Washington, D.C. – Industry coalition Stronger America Through Seafood (SATS) submitted a letter of support to NOAA Fisheries in support of the agency’s Draft National Seafood Strategy during the current public comment period. The National Seafood Strategy outlines the agency’s plans for supporting a thriving domestic U.S. seafood economy, including through increased sustainable U.S. aquaculture, to enhance the resilience of the seafood sector in the face of climate change and other challenges.

“SATS applauds NOAA’s commitment to increase U.S. aquaculture production as part of a wider strategy to support the U.S. seafood industry as it faces pressing challenges,” said Drue Banta Winters, Campaign Manager of SATS. “The growth of domestic aquaculture is an important part of a holistic approach to diversify our food strategy. We support the agency’s strategy on developing an efficient, predictable, timely and science-based regulatory framework for offshore aquaculture, which the U.S. currently lacks, to establish a thriving industry that can compete globally.”

Until there is a regulatory pathway in place for offshore aquaculture, the American aquaculture industry will continue to be hindered. SATS advocates for federal legislation to establish a clear permitting process for U.S. marine aquaculture. The Advancing the Quality and Understanding of American Aquaculture (AQUAA) Act would provide regulatory certainty for U.S. marine farmers to encourage investment here in the U.S. and help increase our supply of locally produced seafood that is healthful, affordable and sustainable.

To read the full letter of support submitted by SATS, click here.

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